Dream of the wise – Dokumentarfilm ( Kino )

DREAM OF THE WISE  feature documentary film by Daniel Gräbner, 85min.

Long time ago something very special happened here, really! Once you’ll follow my story you’ll see what i saw. A dream? a reality? How knows…but Jimi was there, thats for sure. I still can hear him playing that crazy guitar in this amazing dark night…i’ll show you the place…just follow me…

  • Writing& Directed by: Daniel Gräbner // Produced by: Kamal El Kacimi & Daniel Gräbner // Cinematography by Klaus Betzl // Film Editing by Daniel Gräbner // Sound Department: Olaf Simon // Original Music by: Stefan Döring

  • Rif Film Morocco & Daniel Gräbner Filmproduktion

  • project selected for EDN Pitching du Nyon 2007 and MediMed 2007 supported by Filmstiftung NRW and Media Program of the European Union