“Supermann mit Flossen” gewinnt Publikumspreis beim Cinemare filmfestival // Screening beim Greenscreen Festival

Publikumspreis des Internationalen Meeresfilmfestivals Cinemare für “Supermann mit Flossen – Der Rotfeuerfisch”!


The Festival: Bringing the Ocean to the Cinema Screen: 30 AUG – 3 SEP 2017

World Premiere: The Red Lionfish is by far the coolest fish and armed with eighteen venomous spines.The film sheds a light on the uniquely fascinating behaviour and stunning abilities that let the lionfish conquer foreign waters, and by doing so, threaten entire ecosystems. With stunning visuals, high speed footage, amazing biofluorescence shots and behaviour that has never been filmed before, the movie tells a suspenseful wildlife story which spans over three continents and two oceans.


Screening auf dem internationalem  Natur-Filmfestival Greenscreen


Am 14.9.2017 “The Red Lionfish” im “Das “Haus”

It is one of the most striking fish in the Red Sea and Indo-Pacific region with its floating banners, venomous spines, stylish stripes and transparent fins. Elsewhere, it has become a problematic invasive species, due to man’s careless handling.

Since 2007, the International Wildlife Film Festival GREEN SCREEN has grown to become the largest annual wildlife film festival in Germany. In 2016, 18 000 visitors saw nearly one hundred spectacular nature related films and met with important representatives from commerce and politics as well as numerous international filmmakers, producers and many braodcasting commissioners. GREEN SCREEN has established itself as an international meeting place for natural history filmmakers and offers a unique symbiosis to both professionals and public viewers.


Hier mehr Infos und clips vom Film ( TV-Ausstrahlung 22.11.2017)